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Latest news and reviews of SAFE

Irene - Westmeath

"An absolutely gripping read that would be well placed alongside psychological thrillers by authors like John Grisham.  If only it was a fictional story … but it’s not!

This book draws the reader in for the beginning, introducing all of the main characters and their individual characteristics.  That in itself is a fascinating story. Priscilla Grainger, who knew one person could pack so much into one lifetime and you’re far from done!

The middle of the book is filled with many punching the air moments, when I actually said “yes, you go girl!”. It also has many gut wrenching moments, especially when the incredible Ainie Grainger pours her young heart out in an emotional & saddening way.  

The ending is what we all want, a happy ending, a peaceful ending for this powerhouse trio of women who never took the easier option of giving up, who took and who keep taking a “come hell of high water” approach to everything they did and do. 

This book is the survival manual ALL victims of DV need to read. It should be taught on the Junior Cert Syllabus under SPHE, so that young people can be educated about the realities of DV, the warning signs to watch out for and most importantly how to get help.  

Over these past few years we’ve all become accustomed to terms like “virtual hug”. This book for me is just that, a virtual hug from one mama bear and her baby bear to another.  Thank you Priscilla, Ainie & Ann, for having the courage to tell your story and for all you do to help others.  God bless you all.

Tina - Dublin

"Just finished reading the book very interesting to read but very hard at times.  You two ladies have been thru it all and still manage to help others in so many ways you should be so proud of yourselves. Highly recommend this book be sent to schools for both boys and girls to read "

Frances - United Kingdom

"Safe is a compelling book which tells the tale of Priscilla and Ainie Grainger’s escape from domestic violence and their subsequent work to prevent others suffering." 

Catherine (Survivor)

"What a Book! It’s just sensational. You gave Facts. You both poured ur heart out & told it as it was. You're a team of 2 like 200 people. You saved me & my children from the Grave"

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