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SAFE Book Launch

After years of dreaming, struggling, planning and writing, Priscilla and Ainie Grainger were finally able to officially launch SAFE, their new book detailing from first-hand accounts their personal struggles, escape and survival of domestic abuse, at a fantastic event in Dublin’s Iveagh Garden.

The beautiful function room of the Iveagh Garden on Harcourt Street in Dublin’s City Centre was the perfect spot for Priscilla and Ainie Grainger to be surrounded by their friends, family, support team and work colleagues to launch their very special and very personal book: SAFE.

Hosted by Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon, the presenting duo from the award-winning Opinions Matter Podcast, the night was a rousing success from start to finish.

The evening began with a few lovely and heartfelt words from the author, Shane Doran. As the News Editor of the Irish Mail On Sunday Shane (by his own admission) is more comfortable with a pen in his hand than a microphone. However he still spoke excellently about the difficulties he, Priscilla and Ainie had to go through to make this book a reality. 60 interviews, multiple delays due to COVID, many legal checks and assurances, and 272 pages later, though, they achieved their goal and SAFE became a reality.

Priscilla herself was then invited on stage to address the crowd. Priscilla reminded everyone that, though this launch was a happy occasion, it has been built on the back of decades of struggle. Priscilla brought us all back to the start of her story, day 2 of her honeymoon, right the way through to finally escaping to save herself and Ainie.

As a powerful and timely reminder, Priscilla called on all in attendance to be vigilant. To look out for friends and family who might be struggling and unable to escape. Not to ignore warning signs, and to be willing to instigate the conversation and help others out of their struggle. Her words were echoed throughout the room and the night: this book will doubtless save hundreds if not thousands of lives. She also gave a timely reminder that Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland phone lines are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help anyone in need.

As a final sign off, Priscilla confidently and powerfully declared that, after decades, she and Ainie are finally safe.

Ainie was then invited on stage, with Adrian reminding the audience that back in 2017, aged just 19, Ainie utilised social media, particularly snapchat, to raise awareness of domestic violence and encourage others to be allies. Ainie reminded the audience that an often overlooked aspect of domestic violence in the home is the effect it will have on the children involved. The fact that SAFE tells the story from a mother and daughter’s point of view is a very unique and all-too-often un-heard aspect of domestic abuse which needs to be highlighted more.

Ainie, supported loudly and proudly by her fantastic colleagues from Cassidy Travel, made sure to give full recognition, thanks and love to both her mother Priscilla, and grandmother Anne for both figuratively and literally saving her young life and allowing her to be on this stage as a voice for young people struggling through domestic abuse.

Bringing it back around to the celebratory nature of the night, the party was kicked off by the wonderful Beatty Brothers, the duo who hit incredible popularity earlier this year thanks to their appearance on The Voice UK.

SAFE is available exclusively on this website,, in both paperback and e-book formats. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards supporting charities and organisations helping other domestic violence victims and survivors.

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